Our lowest price and most popular glove, Mediscan nitrile composite gloves are a great basic glove. At 3.0 gms they are our thinnest glove. Certified as nitrilegloves, these gloves are 80% nitrile and 20% PVC paste/dyestuffs which keeps the price low. The gloves meet the necessary standards for food production, cleaning or medical examination. They are not suitable for surgery. Invisio is the sole importer and official UK international distributor of Mediscan gloves and we are listed as such on Mediscan Technologies’ website.

From £2.50 per box



Intco medical examination gloves are our best quality 4.0gms pure nitrile glove. Manufactured by Intco, one of the world’s largest glove manufacturers, the gloves meet the necessary standards for food production, cleaning or medical examination and are suitable for surgery. The high standards to which they are manufactured allows for excellent sensitivity whilst maintaining durability. Invisio is one of the UK’s international importers and distributors of Intco gloves. We import gloves directly from Intco’s factory via train.

From £6.60 per box



Mercator Nitrylex gloves are a tough 3.6gms pure nitrile glove.  They are fantastic quality and have the best tear and strength test results of all our gloves. The extra strength makes the gloves slightly less sensitive, and as such we find they are favoured by many of our light engineering clients. The gloves meet the necessary standards for food production, cleaning or medical examination. Chemical resistances are listed on the packaging. These gloves are supplied in bulk directly from Mercator.

From £4.50 per box


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Welcome to the Invisio store - your preferred supplier for retail and bulk orders of premium fully certified medical supply products such as nitrile gloves, and face masks.

For any other medical supply products you may need which are not listed, such as face shields, goggles, aprons or surgical gowns, please get in touch with us directly.

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Why Invisio?

Set up in 2016, Invisio is proud to have supported the NHS key workers during the recent crisis through provision of medical supplies and nitrile gloves.  Even during the height of the crisis when most commercial flights were grounded, we worked tirelessly to ensure continuity of supply.

Out of 9 shipments brought in to the UK during this time, ALL were delivered ahead of schedule and there were no returns out of over 11 million items used.


"Thanks for your support of the last few months, and for getting all your items delivered ahead of schedule!  The offers from suppliers like yourselves are so appreciated, it's been amazing to see so many businesses getting involved to help us source PPE for the NHS frontline. All the very best - and thanks again"

The DHSC Supplier Referrals Team

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